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Sanne Wolthaus (1989) works and lives in Breda, The Netherlands. She graduated in 2009 as a Graphic designer at the Graphic Lyceum, Rotterdam. Afterwards she enrolled into art school and the Photo Academy. She graduated successfully as a photographer in 2015 with her self-published book ‘Mute’ at the Photo academy in Amsterdam. After that she had several national and international exhibitions and publications.

Wolthaus’ work is an ongoing process, a research, a journey. She is driven by her own emotions and experiences. She needs photography to overcome the resistance to the truth, using her work as a kind of diary. She often focus on pain, human decay and the rawness of our physical and mental well-being. Using (self)portraits as well as landscapes and nature. Her photography is a reflection of how she interpret her life; openminded, raw, full of contrast, powerful colors juxtaposed black and white and within everything always a glimpse of beauty and aesthetics.